Store Policy

+ Products bought in-world will be in your inventory in the folder with starting name ezura. You can also find our products by typing Ezura on the search box on the top of your inventory.

+ NO REFUND : All non-transferable merchandise are non-refundable. Items sold with no transfer permission cannot be return and cannot get refund.  All sales are final. Exceptions for duplicates purchases.

DUPLICATE PURCHASES : Duplicate purchases will get a refund with proof of purchases.  Please send a notecard to ezura Xue with title : Duplicate Purchases : Yourfullavatarname. Please include the 2 transactions from your transaction history and all the details for verification in the notecard. Refund is only for item purchased in 2 weeks or lesser.

+ RE-DELIVERY : If you fail to get items you bought in-world or from MarketPlace, please send transactions informations to get the items you purchased redelivered. Will not resend without proof of purchase. Lost inventory items will not get refund or redelivered. Please open a ticket to Linden Lab for this matter.

+ For customer service, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please IM or send notecard to ezura Xue. You can also send your message to my Inbox here :

Please include these informations with your concern: Your full avatar name, Product name, Transaction #  & Message.

Offline messages will go to ezura Xue email and she might be able to help you offline. If no reply after 72 hours, please send again. Usually away Sundays and Mondays.

We will try to reply to IM’s and Notecards as soon as we can if we get them. IM get lost sometimes. So, if we didn’t reply please send them again.

+ TIPS + INFO : Don’t forget to make back-up copies before you modify. Most products are copy + modify with resizer.  The resizer scripts are deletable. If you make back-up copies, you will still have new copies if you need to resize to a new size. So, don’t forget to make back-up copies!

Gifting Options : Most products can be sent as gifts.  You can send them from the mainstore vendors or send online from the MarketPlace or get them the Gift Cards.

Thank you and happy shopping!\(^o^)/

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