ezura Xue + 5th Anniversary Sale

ezura Xue + 5th Anniversary Sale

Hello everyone!^^

Ezura Xue here! I would like to thank every single one of the VIP’s, all customers, bloggers and friends for all your great support throughout these 5 years of the brand! It has been wonderful times for me to get to create and contribute in SL fashion. But as you can see, I haven’t been able to get on SL as much as I used to and not be able to create or get many releases out through all 2013. SL made me happy especially when I get to create and to see others enjoy my creation by wearing them or by making them to breathtaking art through pictures. To all that, I am thankful and can’t say enough thanks to all of you!

The time has come, with great sadness, for me to decide to close the sim and only have the online shopping outlet with MarketPlace. I love my sim very much and have a lot of fun building and setting it up. It is very hard for me to let the sim go. The in-world store will be gone at the end of the sale.

I wil try my best when time permit to update and put all items on the MarketPlace. Please check this blog for future release.

As for now, all items in the store are 50% OFF [marketplace excluded] and VIP will get a voucher to use on top of the discount. Some of the old items will also be retired.

Also noted, all vouchers and giftcards can only be used until end of this month. Please use them as there are no refund for it.

Again, thank you so much all for your support and hope to see it continue for more years to come! Happy Holidays!!^^

♥♥ ezura Xue ♥♥

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