+ eX + Festival of Sin

Festival of Sin starts today at 5PM SLT! http://festivalofsin.wordpress.com/

It will run from February 18th – March 3rd. There are 7 area for all the 7 sins. + eX + is in the “wrath”.

For these theme, we made a mesh gown.

+ eX + MESH . The Sins *Wrath. This mesh gown comes with flexi skirt, prim collars and sleeves and horn. Demo is provided for you to try before purchase.

Mesh enable viewer is required to view this item properly.

+ eX + Festival of Sin Teaser *The Sin *Wrath

+ eX + Festival of Sin Teaser *The Sin *Wrath II

Don’t miss this opportunity to visit the sim. They look amazing and you will find amazing designers there with all their theme items! But be aware that the sim is going to have some racy items.  Lust will have interactive sexual props.  There will be bodies, blood, gore and violence in Wrath.  Drug paraphernalia will litter the sim at random.  Sloth is a complete wasteland of trash and dirty buildings.  Vulgar grafitti is abundant.

Hope you like them!

Thank you!^^

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