+ ezura + Fantasy Faire 2011 RFL

+ ezura + Fantasy Faire 2011 Featured Store

Tomorrow is the last day for Fantasy Faire 2011!! Even only 3 days left, we at + ezura + are very happy to get the featured store yesterday!! Love all the sims created by amazing creators! They are just unbelievable! The people that work to make this event the best one ever are very friendly and helpful. Love them all!! Looking forward for the next Fantasy Faire! 😛

Don’t miss the opportunity to see the fantastic architectures, landscapes, listen to good music, play cool games,  join the flickr competitions, solve the Riddle of Princess Ilear’s disappearance in Mysts, the Interactive Story unfolding on Enchanted Mysts and the best of all, awesome creations by designers to help raise the fund for Relay for Life! You can help to raise the funds too by buying from the RFL vendors and to bid on the auction items!!


This is + ezura + auction item that you can bid :

+ ezura + FF Shania Gown *Purple for RFL auction

And, these are the RFL items :

+ ezura + DIGI Cyber Latex ex11-03 *Purple

+ ezura + DIGI Boots Cyber Latex ex11-03 *Purple

You can also find the RFL vendors at + ezura + Mainstore, Fantasy Faire Dark Mirage sim, Fantasy Faire Exotic Worlds sim.

All proceeds from the auction and RFL vendors will go to the charity group. Thank you for your donations!!!^^

See you there!^^

♥ ezura xue

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