+ ezura + Acha Cyber Latex Bodysuit

The latex line continues at + ezura + !!

Acha Cyber Latex Bodysuit

Yes, the name of this new release is to honor one of the best SL blogger, Miss Achariya Maktoum. She have blogged gazillion of amazing posts at www.achariya.net and have blogged so many of + ezura + items!! Now that she have decided to stop blogging, we will diffinately missed her writing dearly. I would like to take this opportunity to thank her for everything she did on her blog. Thank you Miss Acha and best wishes on all of your future endeavors!^^ ❤ ya always!^^

So here are the latest release!

+ ezura + ACHA Cyber Latex Bodysuit *Black

+ ezura + ACHA Cyber Latex Bodysuit *Mesh

+ ezura + ACHA Cyber Latex Bodysuit *White

+ ezura + ACHA Cyber Latex Bodysuit *Red

+ ezura + ACHA Cyber Latex Bodysuit *Purple

For All colors except for mesh :

  • 2 tattoos layers included! Full + Sheer.
  • 2 types of tops : Full tops + Sheer tops.
  • 2 types of bottoms : Full panties + Sheer panties [please wear 1 layer only for best look]
  • 2 types of gloves and socks : Full + Sheer
  • Tights pants
  • 11 accessories with HUD Color Picker. 1 script only for each prim set, total of 11 scripts for all accessories!

For mesh :
sheer tops and panties, gloves, socks, sheer tattoo layer, 11 acccessories with HUD Color Picker.

HUD Color Picker :

  • >> Unlimited Glow color
  • >> Change glow lighting to your liking
  • >> Change shininess
  • >> 3 colors for Metals [Silver, Black + Rusty]
  • >> resizer

See matching boots! [sold seperately]

Also available on the MarketPlace.  Great for gifting! Click here to view

Hope you like them!  Thank you and have a great weekend!^^

♥ ezura xue

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