+ ezura + Holidays Gown

Looking for a new holiday gown? Look no further! This “Winter Night Set” is perfect for any of your events!
They comes with 3 colors for you to choose [Red, Green + Black] or get all of them in the MultiPack Set!
Wear it as a lingerie or put on the beautiful flowing gown. 2 accessories are included in the set : Necklace and NeckDress.

Choose to wear the top and panties/pants in 1 layer for more sheer or add other layers for less transparent.

** VIP get 50% OFF for the Single Set! Offer starts today and will end December 31st. Please wear group tag before purchase.Look for the ORANGE TAG.

Want to get them as a gift? They are out in the MarketPlace too! Click here to view

[Look at the bottom for Related Items for Single Set]

Hope you like them!
Thank you and Happy Holidays!^^

♥ ezura xue

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