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Dark Evil One

Are you celebrating Dark Christmas this year? The most gothic dress ever! This dress will definitely turns every head when you walk in it. Wear it as a lingerie, complete with garter and sexy stockings, or just wear with the leggings for a simple nightout outfit. Just put on the gown and the headdress, you will be the most elegant goth or vampiress!

This dress also a perfect dress for your wedding. The headdress comes with and without veils.

Contents :
Long Pants/Leggings
Gloves & Gloves Cuffs
Flexi Gown
Corset Ruffles
HeadDress with Veil
V2 Face Mask

**Also available on MarketPlace.  Click here to view

>> see the matching suit for Mens [Renaissance].

Hope you like it! Thank you^^

♥ ezura xue

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