+ ezura + VIP August Gift & I’m gone for vacation!

Hello everyone^^,

I’m going back to my home country and will be gone for about a month or so! Yay! \(^o^)/ I will be checking my FB whenever I can during that time. You still can send me notecard and I will read them when I get back. You also can send me message on FB. If you need store assistance or have questions please feel free to send notecard to my assistants Miss Pixie Tungl or Mr Samuel Geiger. They will be happy to assist you!^^

For this month, I have put down a new gift for my beloved VIP’s! This teddy will be on sale after I come back from vacation. But while I’m away, it is only L$1 for all VIP’s! The gift is upstairs by the VIP section. Please remember to wear group tag before claiming.

Also I have put 3 outfits in the VIP Lucky Board! They will be rotating for 10 mins. Come and bring your friends to see if your letter is up!

The Limited Edition Gown have only 3 left for sale! Only 25 of them are in SL! Get yours before they are gone forever! They are transferable so you can get them for your friends too!

Lastly, today is the last day for the L$60 Weekend Sale!

Hope you like them and see you guys when I get back! I will miss you all! Thank you^^


❤ ezura xue

Feel free to add me on FB and “like”-ing my Page! Thank you so much!^^

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