+ ezura + MALE ITEM?!! GIFT + MORE

Hello everyone^^,

After a lot of request from our beloved members and customers, finally the MEN ITEM is here at + ezura +! [We do have BodyArts for male]
Sorry for taking too long to do this!

We will start with a Basic Shirt! They are available in Male and Female versions. Comes in 3 colors.


Contents in each pack :
Full Shirt [Jacket]
Top Shirt [Shirt]
Bottom Shirt [Pants]
Sculpted Cuffs [L+R]
Sizing Menu Manual
Copy for all system clothing
Copy + Resizer for prims [deleteble scripts]
Just wear and Touch prims to modify

Multipack price is like you get one outfit for free!

*VIP look for ORANGE TAG for 50% OFF for the MultiPack! Limited time offer! Please wear group tag before purchase.

Also available on XStreet  :
[Great for gifting since it is no transfer in-world]
Male on XSt :
Female on XSt :

For all Fathers out there, we have a black+red version of the Basic Shirt as a gift for you just for L$1! Happy Father’s Day!^^

$60 Linden Weekend Sale :
Events : Today until Sunday only!
BodyArts *Corset Piercing.

Comes in 3 versions [Light, Medium + Dark]
All layers + Copy. Top Tattoo.
Get it for only L$60 [50% OFF from regular price!]
Only from today until Sunday midnight! On Monday onwards it will be on full price.

Also available on XStreet : [FULL PRICE]
[Great for gifting since it is no transfer in-world]

Hope you like them!
Thank you and have a great weekend!^^
❤ ezura xue
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