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Teeny Meeny Dress

This Teeny Meeny Dress is very sexy and daring!
Comes in 3 different colors [black,silver + red] for you to choose or get all in the MultiPack for lower price!

*VIP : L$100 GiftCard is still in the group notice. Don’t forget to use and save for these new release! They are transfer so you can give them away! Get it before it is gone.^^

[Great for gifting since it is no transfer in-world] *please rate if you can. Thank you^^

$60 Linden Weekend Sales item is up! Event starts today and end on Sunday midnight.

Also, on the VIP Lucky Board : Bikini-Jeans [*please wear group tag before claiming]

Hope you like them! Thank you and have a great weekend!^^
❤ ezura xue
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