+ ezura + New Goodies

Firstly, we’ll start off with the latest outfit:

+ ezura + Sexy LowBack Dress

As you can see it comes in many different flavors. (You can buy each individually, but I got lazy and didn’t want to put up a ton of the same picture with only colors being changed =P) It has options both for a long skirt version, and a miniskirt, so play around with it =D

Next up is the latest for our 60L Weekend.

+ ezura + Fetisha Flexi Mini Skirt (Red or Green)

Yes, 2 colors to fit any freaky mood. These are limited to this weekend only, so get them while you can!

Now for the grand finale…. Dragon Hunt! Starting today (May 1) and going through the end of the month we’re running in this hunt. All hunt info is listed on the hunt’s sign in store, so drop buy and see if you can get your hands on some free stuff =)

That’s all for this week. Keep your eyes glued here for what we’ve got for you next time!

+ ezura + Crew

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