+ ezura + New Outfit & L$60 Weekends Stuff!

I finally managed to get E off her backside and actually do something again… so we’ve got a couple things for ya this time around!

First off, we’ve got a new $60L Sundays outfit counting down already, and it’s looking pretty HOT (especially when you’re the photographer =P).

This one’s called + ezura + Tulle Jacket *Creme and I’ve got my reasons for loving it, you’ll have to find your own =)

Moving right along, We’ve got the main new release for you:

+ ezura + Gothic Steampunk Victorian Dress

This comes in the following colors:


Also, there are new gift for our beloved and loyal VIP’s! For our Lucky Board, you will find a lovely + ezura + Dark Bride Set *Lolita!! Come over and bring your friends, family and grab a stranger or two and see if you are lucky enough to have your letter out for it.

Lastly, let’s not forget to keep sending in entries for the Photo Contest. It’s been posted about so much you can either scroll down a bit to read about it, or come to the store and read the rules… but we’d like your photo, your friends’ photos, your moms photos… whatever you’ve got. $1000L and your pic in the store for nothing more than a snapshot should be incentive enough =)

That’s about all from me this week, if anything else comes up E will put it up for you. Have fun kids =)


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