+ ezura + March Poster Contest Winners!

Thank you for everyone who enter the March Poster Contest! They are all fantastic!

If you didn’t win this time please enter again. We have this contest every month! We need more submissions please^^

Also, please make sure the dimensions of photo should be at least 1024×1024 px. The bigger the better! Winners can always re-enter!

This month we have 2 winners! Congratulations!! \(^o^)/

The winners for March poster contest [In alphabetical order] :

Catherine Fairport

Miko Shieldmaiden

Let’s have a big round of applause for them!

Each of them have won :

+ $1,000 prize money in Linden$

+ Title on Poster at Mainstore : Model of the Month.

+ Name on Poster

You can view their winning posters at :

+ ezura + Mainstore  Vardimorg/178/188/80

+ ezura + Web Blog @ ezura.wordpress.com and

+ ezura + Flickr Group at http://www.flickr.com/groups/ezura

All winners have been contacted by me and should receive their Linden Prize Money by now.

This is a monthly contest. ONE Winner or more for each month!

April submission is already started. [starting now until end of March]

Click here for rules => https://ezura.wordpress.com/poster-contest/

We will have this Poster Contest for April and May but if  submissions for every month are less then 10, then it is sad to say that we will have to stop this contest. Probably we will have a more interesting contest for you to enter!

So go and wear something from + ezura + and take a picture!

Have fun and happy picture taking! Hope to see more pictures on + ezura + Flickr group!

Also, since the March submissions are not too many and we are feeling generous @ + ezura +, all other contestants that didn’t win also get a L$500 GiftCard each for efforts! Thank you guys!

Congrats again for all winners this month!\(^o^)/

❤ ezura xue

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