+ ezura + $60L item & Newness!

$60L Sundays weekend sale [already running and end on Midnight Sunday February 21st]

New color for Mea Culpa Gothic Lace. This item will go full price after event. Get it while it’s on sale!

New Releases :

Pearl Platform Heels :

Pearl Platform Heels can be customized with HUD. Each set can change to 6 different sole colors and top colors, also 12 colors for pearls. Walk + Sound Menu is also included on the HUD. The shoe is also resizable. Just click the shoe to resize. Get the MultiPack and you will get 12 different sole colors, 12 top colors and 12 pearl colors! It’s up to your imagination to customized your shoes!
Pack A colors : Black, Blue, Chocolate, Purple, Teal + Green.
Pack B colors : White, Silver, Creme, Yellow, Red + Pink.
MultiPack colors : All 12
** VIP special price, Look for vendor with ORANGE TAG! Limited time offer!

+ ezura + Lace Short Socks Set :

Matched perfectly with the Pearl Platform heels!
6 colors included in the pack :

Cornflower Blue

Flexi Ruffle top for all colors are in the set too.
** VIP special price, Look for vendor with ORANGE TAG! Limited time offer!

For the VIP Lucky Board, you will find The Guardian *Brown Outfit.

Don’t forget to enter the monthly Poster Contest!  L$1000 to win!  

At least one winner each month!

Also, Potty Mouth Hunt is going on @ + ezura + until end of this month. 3 boxes to be find!
Hope you like them! 

Thank you and have a great weekend!^^

❤ ezura xue

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