+ ezura + New Smexy Tats + New $60L Weekend Special!

$60L Weekend Sales!

This SALE is already running and will end on Sunday.
+ New for this weekend is a heart pendant dangling from some chewy edible chains (not sure how much transfat is in the metal, but knowing Ez, there’s a TON of MSG). So head over and pick one up for yourself or for someone that just needs more than a card for Valentine’s Day =)

New Releases :

+ Wings Tattoo (unisex)
This one I somehow managed to get in on the modeling, so you’ll pardon the ken doll look… apparently being anatomically correct isn’t part of advertising =( Has a nice tribal look and left out in the open it’s been known to cause car accidents.
Comes in 3 colors:
+ Black
+ Silver
+ Chocolate Brown
And + ezura + VIP’s get the usual new release discount for a couple of days, so hurry over!

And Lastly, for all you $1L shoppers out there, we’ve got a Valentine’s Day gift just for you!

Here’s a special $1L Valentine’s Day Lace Heart Handbag to keep all your stuff in. I asked Ez where the pockets are hidden and how much it can hold, but apparently according to her us men don’t understand the n-dimensional non-euclidean geometries involved in what you ladies call a ‘purse’. I’ve always been a fan of pockets personally, and have never needed one of these strange devices. But the way it was put to me is that lipstick HAS to be ported around in such a device as pockets don’t work for some reason known only to women. (Guys, I know what you’re thinking, and I’m in full agreement… but we’d better keep quiet or we don’t get any lovin’) Here’s the pic of this thing, and I’m getting out of here =D

Once again thank you for your time, business, and for listening to my BS every week =D lol!

– The Amazing Sammy

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