+ ezura + BodyArt Full Gothic Rose Tattoo

Here’s the latest! + ezura + BodyArt Full Gothic Rose Tattoo

This tat is full body, so you ladies can feel free to show it off to me at your discretion =) (I’m kidding… Pix will kill me and Ez will slap me if you do… =/)
It comes in 3 tones: light, medium, and dark, and is available in all layer types so will fit whatever outfit combination you’re looking for.

** Limited time offer! For a very limited time (24 hours) this new tattoo set will be sold at a discounted price to everyone. There’s a countdown timer near the New Release section so you’ll know whether or not you’ve ran fast enough =)

** Discounted vendors for our lovely VIP’s will have an ORANGE TAG, so you can’t miss them!

Get this tattoo on XStreet >> Click here to view

Next up is the latest VIP Lucky Board item – + ezura + Rebellion Sculpted Belt in black.

It’s black, shiny, sculpted with buckle, has a dangly thing on a chain… and it’s FREE to you just for being an awesome customer and group member! (And following the usual steps noted on the board)

And last on the agenda (typing this is a lot of work, I hope you all still love me when it’s done. LOL), Last call for [January Contest] photos of YOU dressed in anything from + ezura + to be counted in the poster contest. Rules are just in front of the New Release section just outside the tp point. Or you can click here for Contest Rules.

The February contest will start on January 16 and end on the 31st, so for those that miss it this round, jump on the next one… you too could be model of the month!

Alright, I’ll leave you guys alone for now, I’ll keep you up to date on what Ez is doing as I find out.

Thank you all for making + ezura + your fashion shop of choice!

Samuel Geiger – The Man

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