+ ezura + Poster Contest

This contest is to showcase ezura products.

Since we start the contest a little late, we will choose ONE WINNER after January 15th and One Winner at the beginning of February.
  • 1 Winner for January Model of the Month. [ Submission from today until February 15th]
  • 1 Winner for february Model of the Month. [Submission from January 16th – January 31st]

1] Any SL resident may enter this contest and submit as many pictures as you wish. Winner can re-enter.
2] Model must be wearing only + ezura + outfits or accessories. [You can wear any hair, shoes or skin].
3] Pictures can be a raw screenshots or can be edited using any image manipulation programs like Photoshop, Gimp, Paint and so on. But, it cannot effect the outfit or accessories worn.
4] Dimensions of photo must be 1024×1024 px.
5] Pictures is to be submitted/added to ezura + freestyle for you! Flickr Group.
6] By submitting/adding your picture/s for this contest, you or/and anyone in the picture and photographer are granting and agree to allow + ezura + full permission of using them. Such as for advertising and/or promotional purposes at anytime, for display’s at + ezura + store locations, blogs and images maybe be modified.
7] If there are more then one model in the picture, only the submitter will get the Prize.
8] Employees or crew members of + ezura + are excluded from this contest.

** Pictures will be judged not just for the outfit or looks, but the image as a whole. Your photography skills, creativity and editing will be taken into consideration too.

Submissions starts right now!
Winners will be picked by end of every month and announced and awarded in the next month. They will be notified in-world by Ezura Xue, notice will be send on ezura in-world group and will be posted on the blog :https://ezura.wordpress.com/
Prize :
+ $1,000 prize money in Linden$
+ Title on Poster at Mainstore : Model of the Month.
+ Name on Poster.

How to submit picture on Flickr :
– If you do not have a Flickr account, join here at http://www.flickr.com to sign up. It’s free.
– Join ezura + freestyle for you! Flickr group at http://www.flickr.com/groups/ezura/ and upload your picture to the pool.
– When adding your picture on ezura flickr group :
* please label the title of your picture “+ ezura + Poster Contest : your full SL avatar name“.
* label the description with your full SL avatar name and name of ezura outfit/items you’re wearing in the picture.

Have fun and happy picture making! Can’t wait and looking forward to seeing your creative creations!

Thank you!\(^o^)/
❤ ezura xue
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