+ ezura + Turned 1 and NEW Location!!

+ ezura + Turned ONE this month! We also have moved to a new location and to a bigger store! Hope it will be more pleasant for you when you visit!

There are so many things going on @ + ezura + just to celebrate this special month.

  • 1st Anniversary + Holidays Sales! Every week at least one item will be on SALE. Check group notices and this blog for announcement.   For a start, from today until December the 12th, Gothic Sexy Lolita are on 50% OFF! Giftcards are also on discount price, 25% OFF!
  • Soon to be DISCONTINUED ITEMS are on SALE now too! Will be available only until end of this year.
  • Lucky Board : Black Gown

Thank you for all your support and this first year has been a blast! Because of that,  I have learned a lot and the experience was a joyful one and I had so much fun! Looking forward for more years to come!

Thank you so much again everyone for everything and hope you like the new store and the gift! Check group notice and this blog for new announcement on more things going on this month!

Happy Holidays!\(^o^)/

❤ ezura xue

+ ezura + Mainstore
+ ezura + XStreet

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