+ ezura + Black Mage

New Release this week : Black Mage Set + Black Mage Ankle Boots *Black.

Are you a mage? Do you know spells and do you practice black magic? If you are a proud Black Mage and surely not scared to show some skin, this outfit is for you!

The staff glows and the magic stone on it change color too.  If you’re powerful enough, you will see some bubbles coming out of it! 2 of the same staffs included in the set, 1 with hold animation and the other without.

There are so many ways to wear this set. Not only they come with multiple layers for your convenience, there are also 2 types of leggings included. One is open legging and the other is full legging that cover your legs. Also, you can choose just to wear the panty and socks.

No big cloak like ordinary mage, but 2 mini cloak that attached to the shoulders.

The ankle boots is the perfect match for this set!

** Both of this new releases are  on special price for VIP members. Limited time offer!

Hope you like them!^^

Thank you and have a great weekend! \(^o^)/

❤ ezura xue

+ ezura + Black Mage Set on XStreet

+ ezura + Black Mage Ankle Boots *Black on XStreet

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+ ezura + XStreet

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