+ ezura + The Crusader

ad_crusader_mpad_crusader_blkad_crusader_red+ ezura + The Crusader

New Release this week : + ezura + The Crusader.

In this set, there are 2 types of tops : Full and Mini-Top [All layers]. Full tops comes with the wrist cuffs. The pants also in all layers are copy and modify for your convenience. The prim corset/belt comes just as a corset/belt and corset/belt with the skirt cover. Neckdress and gauntlet bracers are also included. 2 swords : One for Left hand and one for Left hip. No animation script in the swords.

Colors available : Black Embosed, Black + Red and Black + Gold.

Contents :
Top [All layers]
Mini-Top  [All layers]
Pants [All layers]
Wrist Cuffs [L+R]
Gauntlet [L+R]
Wrist Cuffs + Gauntlet [L+R]
Skirt1 for Full-top
Prim Corset
Corset + Skirt2
Swords [L Hip+L Hand]*no script
Sizing Menu Manual

Copy + Resizer
Just wear and Touch prims to modify

Available as Single or Multi-Pack.

>> Apocalyptic thigh-high boots sold seperately

** For a limited time offer, the Multi-Pack version  is on a special price for VIP members.  Regular customers can purchase with full price now. Or Join ezura Update Group to enjoy the same benefit.

VIP members : Pls wear group tag before buy. Giftcard not working with this VIP item [Orange tag]. Giftcard working with the regular items.

* For + ezura + Home Shopping Catalog reader, this new release are already in there. Just wear to view.

Hope you like them!^^

Thank you and see you soon!

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❤ ezura xue

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