+ ezura + Unisex Full BodyArt Tattoo *Feilung


Unisex Full BodyArt – Dragon *Feilung

Chinese Dragons or “Lung”, are considered divine mythical creatures that bring abundance, prosperity and good fortune.

This BodyArt comes in 4 colors : Red+Jade, Black, Silver and Brown. All layers for the bottom part and undershirt + shirt for the top. Available as Single set and Multi-Pack. They are Copy only.

** For a limited time offer, the Collections/Multi-Pack version  is on a special price for VIP members. This offer is for VIP ONLY!! Regular customer can purchase with full price now. Or Join ezura Update Group to enjoy the same benefit.

VIP members : Pls wear group tag before buy. Giftcard not working with this VIP item [Orange tag]. Giftcard working with the regular items.

* For + ezura + Home Shopping Catalog reader, this new release are already in there. Just wear to view.

Also, this month is the last month for the Midnight Mania board. For this, you will find L$80 GiftCard on it. Target is only 50! So come over to slap it for the last time. If the board locked down come back the next day to slap it again! The board will remain at the mainstore until September 30th.

On the VIP Lucky Board, the prize right now is L$100 GiftCard. Don’t forget to wear the group tag before you claiming it!

Hope you like them!^^

Thank you and see you soon!

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❤ ezura xue

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