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ad_fuego_fpad_fuego_blkad_fuego_redad_fuego_purplead_fuego_tealad_fuego_copper+ ezura + Fuego Velvet + Lace Set

Hello everyone^^

New Release this week : Fuego Velvet + Lace Set.

Multiple layers for your convenience and to allow flexibility for other clothing. The set comes with three styles of skirts : Lace Gown Skirt, Erotic Lace Skirt, Erotic Velvet Skirt.

For the top, there are several options. 1) Corset  2) Waist Cincher 3) Corset+Waist Cincher.

For bottom : 1) Shorts 2) Garters 3) Short+Garter.

FatPack :

Contents in each set:
Corset [undershirt + shirt]
Waist Cincher [undershirt + shirt]
Jacket [Jacket]
Corset+Waist Cincher [undershirt+shirt]
Shorts [all layers]
Garters [all layers]
Short+Garter [all layers]
Sculpted Choker
Jacket Sculpted Collar
Jacket Sculpted Sleeves
Jacket Sculpted Wrist Cuffs
Flexi Gown
Flexi Erotic Velvet Skirt
Flexi Erotic Lace Skirt
Sizing Menu Manual

Copy + Resizer
Just wear and Touch prims to modify

Available as Single Set or FatPack.

See this items on XStreet. Click here to view.

** For a limited time offer, the FatPack version  is on a special price for VIP members. This offer is for VIP ONLY!! Regular customer can purchase with full price now. Or Join ezura Update Group to enjoy the same benefit.

VIP members : Pls wear group tag before buy. Giftcard not working with this VIP item. Giftcard working with the regular items.

* For + ezura + Home Shopping Catalog reader, this new release are already in there. Just wear to view.

Hope you like them!^^

Thank you and see you soon!

Visit + ezura +

❤ ezura xue

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