Virile Brocade

Virile Brocade comes with multiple layers for your convenience. Wear it with the long pants or short pants with garter. 2 jacket tails are provided with this set. One is without belt and one is with belt. Each tail are different. The lace blouse comes with it’s own sculpted + flexi prim wrist cuffs. The jacket also have it’s own wrist cuffs.

A lot of possibilities of combination.

6 colors to choose. Charcoal, Fuchsia, Mocha, Wine, Teal + Violet.

Available as single + fatpack.


>> ezura << Virile Brocade

Transparent Lace Blouse [Undershirt + Shirt layers]
Brocade Jacket [Shirt + Jacket layers]
Short Pants + Garter [All layers]
Long Pants [All layers]
Sculpted Jacket Collar
Flexi Neckdress
Jacket Wrist Cuffs [L + R]
Blouse Wrist Cuffs [L + R]
Flexi Jacket Tail
Flexi Jacket Tail + Belt
Resizer manual

Copy and Modify.
Just wear and click prims to resize.

*will be on XStreet soon*

Hope you like them!^^

Thank you!

Visit >> ezura <<

❤ ezura xue

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