Yay! Happy Birthday to me!^^

Hello everyone^^,

Yesss!! Drummmmrolllll!! It’s my 1st Rezz Day today w00t!! I am ONE YEAR OLD!!
Thank you for your great support and letting me have ONE great year here! Looking forward for more years to come and I’m sure it will fill with awesomeness!! ^^
So, for this special occasion, I have make a little hunt for you!
Just find 3 Glowing bottles around the store and you will get 3 gowns.
[you can see the example bottle by the poster in the store]

This hunt is for ONE DAY only! it will be on for today and tomorrow.

Hunt Birthday Gowns

Also, I have made a Cake Dress! I put it for sale for only $5 for today and tomorrow. Will go full price on Sunday.

Cake Dress
Since it’s my rezz day, I also put the black version of the Lace Gown on the MM Board and for all you VIP’s, you can get the Lolita version of it on the Lucky Board!!

MM Lace Gown : Black

Lace Lolita : Black
Thank you soo much again for all your support!!
Hope you like them!

Visit >> ezura << Mainstore
ezura xue

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