>> Ezura << New & Improved Mainstore : OPEN NOW

Hello everyone^^

>> Ezura << New Mainstore

>> Ezura << New Mainstore

Yes! New Mainstore is OPEN NOW!
Just a little higher, up in the sky. With less lag and faster rezzing, hopefully it will make your visit a little more enjoyable.

First of all, I have a new group! With this new group, it enable for you to get special prices or special gifts in the future, that are only exclusive for VIP members.

I already put one of the new release, Kyoot Camisole : Black for $10. VIP only!

Kyoot VIP Camisole : Black

Kyoot VIP Camisole : Black

To join, you can come to the store and click the Group sign, then click the link on chat window OR Search > Groups > Ezura

Event: March 23rd – March 31st

Re-opening store hunt
Find 4 blue boxes with a logo to get one full mystery outfit.


New Lucky Board item :


New Release :


…and More at the new store!

Come and have a look!^^

Hope you like them and thank you!! ^^

❤ Ezura

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