>> Ezura << New & special price offer!

Hello all!^^

New release today!  New items with special pricing for a limited time only !!

The special price will begin TODAY and will only last for a week!! [February 22nd – March 1st]

This “Hades Set” comes with 3 colors : Black, Blood Red & White. Available in single set or collection [FatPack].

Each Set contains Top and Pants [All layers], Gloves, Choker, Armbands [L&R], Thighbands [L&R], Belt and Waist Cape.

Leg warmers sold seperately


Hades Set : Black


Hades Set : Blood Red

Hades Set : White

Hades Set : White

All are copy and prim items can be modified through menu. Please touch item to modify.

Come over and see for yourself!!

Hope you love them! Enjoy and Have a great day !! ❤

Thank you! ^^

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