Peace On Earth – Grid wide hunt!

Peace On Earth

>> Ezura << FreeStyle, along with about 350 other stores are joining the Peace On Earth Hunt. Thanks to Sequoia Nightfire,  Katlene Niven and everyone who make this possible! Also thank you to the sponsor of the event, Mode Rage.  Read more about the hunt here :

Mini CheongsamFor this Peace on Earth Hunt, I choose to make a mini Cheongsam.

Cheongsam which means “long dress”, entered the English vocabulary from the dialect of China’s Guangdong Province (Cantonese).

Cheongsam,  the classic dress for Chinese women, combines the elaborate elegance of Chinese tradition with unique elements of style. The high-necked, closed-collar, with a loose chest, fitting waist, and the attractive slits, is one of the most versatile costumes in the world. It can be long or short, some with full, medium, short or even no sleeves at all – to suit different occasions, weather and individual tastes.

The Cheongsam can display all women’s modesty, softness and beauty. Like Chinese women’s temperament, it is elegant and gentle, its long-standing elegance and serenity makes wearers fascinating. Mature women in Cheongsam can display their graceful refined manner. A Cheongsam almost varies with a woman’s figure.

What serves as a worthy testament to the beauty of the Cheongsam is, however, it does not require the wearer to pep up the look with accessories like scarves and belts. Designed to show off the natural softness of the female form, it also creates the illusion of slender legs. The overall picture: practical, yet sexy.

Because of its particular charm Cheongsam is like a wonderful flower in the Chinese colorful fashion scene. Another beauty of the Cheongsam is that it is made of different materials and can be worn either on casual or formal occasions.

In either case, Cheongsam creates an impression of simple and quiet charm, elegance and attraction. With distinctive Chinese features Cheongsam enjoys a growing popularity in the international world of high fashion.

Tomorrow, come and hunt for the globes all around Second Life! It will be a lot of fun!! ^^

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