On & Off

Hi all! I will be moving to a new place (IRL), end of October. This month will be hectic for me so I can finish packing… uggh I hate moving. Packing, unpacking… I just wish it is like SL so I can just click everything and put it in my inventory and rezz them in my new place, just like that! lol!

Due to this reason, I won’t be in SL much and won’t be able to sit infront of my pc as much as I want ;o( . I hate to do this, since I just started putting items in my shop. A few new designs in my inventory waiting for me to do the final touch up, to make them as perfect as I can before I put them up for sale.

I hope SL will work well so failed transaction are limited. I will still keep on checking for notes and will try my best to attend to them as fast as I can. Sorry for any inconveniences this may cause.

Don’t forget to keep on checking this blog or the store for New Arrivals! If I can’t make it this month, they will surely be on the next month!!

Thank you!! ^^

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