\(^o^)/ >> Ezura << Freestyle!

Creating in SL gives so much satisfaction to me. I hope to get better and learn new things each day that goes by. Met a lot of nice people so far and the support they gave makes me love to play more! Thank you for all of you who makes my SL better! Even though some of you already know I crash a lot tehehe… It gets frustrating sometimes especially when I’m in the middle of creating something…grrrr!! So, I don’t go out much, I spend most of my time in-world making stuffs 😛

Anyway, my mission is to create everything that I can imagine in my wacky head and I hope others will love them too. I have no specific style. I called them Freestyle! I think everyone have their own style. You create your own way to dress or to design your own place. Mix n’ match is cool to me. Like when you mix Asian with Western. East meet West. Old and New.

The internet makes all these possible when you are able to see other cultures and meet people from all over the world without leaving your chair! lol ^^ and SL makes these real when you can have your own heaven. Some of us are not fortunate enough to have all those in real life, so thank you for all the creators who make our dreams come true!

I wish to have my place open as a shop but I’m not very sure when tehehe ^^ but if you wish to visit my place (nothing much there, no furnitures lol) here is the slurl:

Ezura FreeStyle, Oblayus (209, 151, 21)

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